The Forge

I have been absolutely fascinated with...

fitness my entire life.  I thank my for dad always instilling hard work and discipline day in and day out no matter what the task.  

Early in life it was martial arts, soccer and baseball.  You know, regular kid stuff.  During my high school career I was so totally hooked on the military.  More particularly, any elite military unit that was out there.  I set my sights on the Marine Corps and the rest was history.  I marched my way through boot camp, the School of Infantry and stumbled my way into an small yet elite unit known as the Scout Snipers.  Having played sports and being in shape early in life made most normal infantry activities a piece of cake.  I quickly found out I was not prepared for the rigors of Sniper School and the mental toughness required to earn the coveted title of Marine Scout Sniper.


I learned extremely valuable lessons of what true discipline, patience and persistence looked like.  The camaraderie and team work was vital to the teams.  Each man taking care of the person to his left and right was the epitome of what it meant to be a Marine.  Many times learning these lessons came at a great deal of pain and displeasure. These lessons were life lessons that you take with you and apply to any part of your life.  

Why did I start The Forge you might ask?  I believe that each person has an immense amount of power that is untouched, untapped and waiting to be unlocked.  I love seeing people find that raw power, channel it and destroy their limiting beliefs.  This brings my life fulfillment.  Once you have that mental breakthrough, you're free.  You can do anything. You are truly limitless.