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On July 7th 2018 Charlotte is gathering together to compete in a showdown of the most fun and fit people in town. This event was inspired to provide authentic connection among Charlotteans of different fitness walks, abilities and styles.  Our goal is to facilitate an environment where true connections and relationships can be made and where challenge can shift your frame of what is possible.   


the what

Through years in Marine Corps I have learned there can be no substitute for the outcome of challenge.  Trials as teams are a breeding ground for problem solving, grit and beautiful relationships. This philosophy birthed Carolina Game Day. This event is a blend of my 8 years in the Scout Sniper Platoon and modern task based fitness.  It will consist of 3 very different workouts testing skills and athletic prowess of its competitors. Each workout is assigned a point value.  Completing each workout gains your team points accumulating a in a final score.  Top three winning teams win some pretty cool prizes. 


Event Details


Teams of 4 (2 fellas and 2 ladies)

3 Workouts

July 7 @ 9am

Matthews Sportsplex

2425 Sports Parkway, Matthews, NC 28105

Huge Shout out to our wonderful sponsors:





We're giving to.. 

As a former Marine I have a heart for those that have served or are currently serving in our Armed Forces.  Many sacrificed much and many have sacrificed all.  

Every warrior has a next mission. That the transition to civilian life is a journey. And for every warrior, family member, and caregiver, that journey looks different.

Wounded Warrior Project is here for their first step, and each step that follows. They believe that every warrior should have a positive future to look forward to. There’s always another goal to achieve, another mission to discover. 

  • The proceeds of Carolina Game Day go towards the Wounded Warrior Project.  If you wish to simply give to this awesome organization, you can donate below:

If you want to volunteer for the event and help make this charity possible click the button below and shoot us your information.